Month: February 2017

Why Should You Rent Out Your Old Home, Instead Of Selling It?

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Life is another word for change. Change for the better or worse, it is inevitable. Generally, it is the passing of time that triggers these changes; and they can have drastic effects on us. A change of home can sometimes catch us by surprise, while at times, it is a slow decision that builds up….

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Dubai

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Dubai is one of the most spoken about and iconic cities in the world. Famed for their mind boggling projects and lavish life styles, Dubai is a city on every traveler’s bucket list. As with every city, there are horror stories surrounding the city and the twisted word and stereotypes leave the average tourist unsure…

Uninvited Guests Residing In Your House

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All of us would love to live in our house in such a way that there will be no annoyance or no disturbances. While we enjoy the company of a visitor, and would love to treat them well during their stay, there are chances that we may not enjoy the company of certain visitors. While…

Taking A Holiday On A Budget

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Holidays are usually associated with money and spending because a traditional holiday is likely to cost you quite a bit of money however, if you are creative and if you dare to think outside of the box, you should be able to have quite an amazing holiday without having to break the bank. In fact,…

Organizing Your Best Friends Hens Night

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If your best friend is about to get married and you have been given the big task of organizing her hen’s night, then you have to understand that you have been given a pretty big responsibility. This is not a task that you can take lightly. It is her last party and night out with…

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